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Communities of Practice

Building on its national network within the biodiversity science and policy communities, the Belgian Biodiversity Platform main focus is to facilitate policy-relevant research in support of decision makers at the national and regional levels and to engender mutual understanding between both parties.

Within its overall aim of connecting Belgian policy makers and scientists, the Belgian Biodiversity Platform supports researchers by facilitating access to resources and methodologies, to conduct focused and policy relevant research.

The Belgian Biodiversity Platform animates several forums which are Communities of Practice: active interdisciplinary groups of researchers, policy makers and stakeholders who collaborate on specific topical issues related to biodiversity. Beyond the opportunity given to scientists working on the same issues to connect and reinforce their research, the forums transfer research results into the policy sphere and enable the active participation of concerned stakeholders into research planning and execution. The topics dealt with by these Communities of Practice change over time, depending on which issues are considered of highest topical interest by scientists and policy persons.


Currently running Communities of Practice: 


 Ecosystem Services icon

Presentation of the Community of practice : Ecosystem Services in Belgium


IAS logo

Presentation of the Community of practice : Invasive Alien Species


 Public Health

Presentation of the Community of practice : Biodiversity and Public Health in Belgium



Previous Communities of Practice: 

   FORESTS    Biodiversity and Climate Change    Freshwater biodiversity


last modified on 07 Nov 2016