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The Great Region, located between Rhine, Mosel, Sarre and Meuse, covers a total area of 65.401 km2. The administrative complexity of the Great Region, four countries and five regional entities, offers a challenging opportunity for trans‐boundary collaboration in terms of Nature Conservation.

For many years, administrations, scientists and naturalists have gathered primary biodiversity data that are crucial for science‐based decisions making. These databases were isolated in the five regional entities.

The Belgian Biodiversity Platform developed a common database and endorses the project as coordinator.


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BioGR aims to remove the existing technical barriers, adopt a common exchange format, share biodiversity primary data and build a web portal for geographic visualisation

By offering a trans‐boundary view on species observations related to Birds and Habitats Directive, this project will deliver a more accurate evaluation of Natura2000 network.

The Belgian Biodiversity Platform developed and updates the data portal for the Biodiversity of the Greater Region (BioGR) project.

For more information on the Belgian Biodiversity Platform involvement in BioGRE, please contact Ir André Heughebaert.

last modified on 13 Dec 2012